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Scenic Drives in Pocahontas County, WV

Pocahontas County, WV, Scenic Drives and Routes

You've probably heard the saying that baseball is America's pastime, but there's another activity that is unique to this great country: leisure drives. Few places in the world can boast the sprawling, interconnected roadways that America has to offer, and drivers take advantage of this network every year to visit loved ones, see the beautiful countryside, and visit famous attractions.

In Pocahontas County, WV - home to Monongahela National Forest, Watoga State Park, and Highland Scenic Highway - you'll find some of the most beautiful scenic drives in the region. The rolling Allegheny Mountains provide the perfect backdrop to any day trip.

If you're visiting Pocahontas County and want to see more of our beautiful countryside, take a look at some of the scenic drives you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Highland Scenic Highway

Perhaps the most famous scenic drive in Pocahontas County, Highland Scenic Highway provides elevated views of the mountains and surrounding countryside. Highland Scenic Highway travels through Pocahontas County from US Route 219 and follows Routes 150, 55, and 39 to Fenwick in Nicholas County.

Along the twists and turns of the Highland Scenic Highway, you'll find fascinating places to visit and beautiful vistas to enjoy:

  • Highland Scenic Highway - Scenic Route 150 overlooks beautiful views, a picnic shelter, and public restrooms.
  • Honeycomb Rocks Trail gives visitors the experience to see unique rock formations and stretch their legs after a day on the road.
  • Black Mountain Overlook also offers restrooms and a picnic area and is the perfect place to appreciate the beauty of the Allegheny Mountains.
  • Williams River Valley Overlook is a beautiful, photogenic overlook with public restrooms and a picnic shelter.
  • Cranberry Mountain Nature Center has a half-mile boardwalk where visitors can explore unique local plant life.
  • Huntersville Presbyterian Church, built in 1854, is a beautiful site for those interested in architecture and local history and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you are looking for a drive that is beautiful all year round, the Highland Scenic Highway has exactly what you're looking for.

Other Routes

The Highland Scenic Highway may be the most well-known and official scenic drive in the area, but any road you take in Pocahontas County, WV, is going to be a feast for the eyes.

For example, from Marlinton, take WV 39 to explore beautiful farmland and narrow valleys nestled between rolling hills. Alternatively, the historic Seneca Trail by US Route 219 is one of the oldest traveling routes in the country. The road follows the route of the original National Road, authorized by Thomas Jefferson in 1809.

No matter where you find yourself in Pocahontas County, take a moment to slow down, ease off the gas, and enjoy the beautiful country around you. Rich with history and lush with local flora and fauna, Pocahontas County has something for everyone.

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