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Featuring some of the most rough and rugged mountain biking in the East Coast, see for yourself what makes Pocahontas County, WV a mountain biking mecca! 

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Quick County Facts

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The size of Pocahontas County is 941 square miles.

Pocahontas County has the highest average elevation of any county east of the Mississippi.

Pocahontas County has the largest concentration of public lands in West Virginia.  Over 62% - totaling 349,000 acres - is either state or federal property.

Five State Parks and two State Forests provide more state owned land than any county in the state.

The county has more federal land than any county in the state - 312,000 acres.

More than 800 miles of hiking and biking trails are located in the county.

More than 1/3 of the Monongahela National Forest lies within the county.  These 310,000 acres provide more than 500 miles of hiking and biking trails.

Pocahontas County has approximately 9,000 residents - one of the smallest county populations in the state.

More than one million tourists visit the county each year.

Five county Visitor Centers greet more than 100,000 people annually.

Pocahontas County has the most scenic byways of any county in the state.

The Highland Scenic Highway is the highest average elevated highway east of the Mississippi.

Pocahontas County is the Birthplace of Rivers as 8 rivers have their headwaters here.  All water flows out of the county.

In total earnings and employment, the impact of travel and tourism is greater to Pocahontas County than any other county in the state.*

One out of every four jobs - the largest percentage in the state - is generated by travel and tourism.*

*WV Div. of Tourism Research






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