Meet John Davis

~ Thursday, May 5, 2016

More than morning coffee

We all have a favorite place to hang out, a third place, away from home and work. For many around Marlinton, that special place is the Dirtbean, a cool coffee shop/bike shop located in the old electric company on Third Avenue in Marlinton.

One of the people you'll meet at the Dirtbean is Evening Shift Leader John Davis who has worked at the 'bean for a year and a half. Many of you may know him from his days as a ski instructor at Snowshoe Mountain Resort where he worked for eight years.  John lives in Marlinton with his three children.

"During my divorce, the Dirtbean became a sanctuary for me," says John. "I fell in love with the shop." John explains his favorite item on the menu to make and serve is the fish taco. "People just love the fish taco - they remark how huge it is or how tasty it is. The craziest thing I've made though," says John, "is a quad shot of espresso with vanilla ice cream and then chocolate syrup on top of it!"

Cafe and bike shop

When asked what kind of people come into the shop, John was quick to reply "Well the sign on the door pretty much says it all - All Kinds Welcome Here."  That sums up how John treats people: he's gracious to all, he listens well, he has a dry sense of humor that can throw you off guard but it always comes with a big helping of laughter. And if you don't know quite what you want - he'll offer ideas or come up with suggestions you'd never think of.

John explains that many of the people who visit the coffee shop are from the Greenbrier River Trail (as the shop also does bike repair and is a dealer for Giant brand bikes). Also folks on their way to or from Snowshoe Mountain or visitors on the way to the Cranberry area and many just passing through. John tells us about a group of people who have been coming to the Dirtbean for coffee every morning (except Sunday) ever since the shop opened back in 2004 "There are about 12 or 15 of them. They get together each day to talk about politics, local goings-on, fishing, professional sports, who's in the hospital and just anything that comes to mind. They're a fun bunch."

The Dirtbean was one of the buildings that burned to the ground November 10, 2013 and many wondered if the shop would ever come back and much to their elation, it did in September of 2014. Ever since then you can find students from the One Room University doing homework while they sip a latté, small meetings gathering over freshly made salads and tasty sandwiches prepared by John and the other staff, or just couples enjoying supper out before a show at the Pocahontas Opera House next door.

John reminds us that summer lemonade is back along with Black Raspberry ice cream from the Homestead Creamery. The Dirtbean is open summer hours: 7 am to 7 pm M-Th; 7 - 8 pm Saturday; and 8 - 4 pm on Sunday. They have a huge selection of coffees, teas, beer and IPA (even some gluten free beer!), wine, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and pizza.
Call them at 304-799-4038 or visit them on the web here.

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