Greenbrier River Trail

At less than a 1% grade, this trail is perfect for families.

This abandoned grade, converted to rail-trail traversing 30 bridges and two tunnels, unveils some of the region’s most invigorating scenery to the users.  Adjacent to the trail for most of the 78 miles is the legendary, peacefully flowing Greenbrier River, known for its Small-mouth bass fishing as well as its simple beauty.  The Greenbrier has its source in the northern part of the county with contributing seasonal runs and underground springs.

Click here for a list of outfitters along the Trail as well as nearby lodging. Beginner and intermediate mountain bikers will appreciate the packed gravel surfaces on the majority of the Trail.  More advanced bikers will find greater challenges on the adjoining mountain trails and abandoned logging roads that characterize the national forest bordering the Trail.

Horse back riders and wagon train excursions will find days of exhilarating fun from one end of the Trail to the other and back again.  The Cass terminus has a newly constructed parking lot which accommodates horse trailers.  Amenities along the Greenbrier River Trail include potable water and primitive camp sites.  Rest room facilities are located every 8 to 10 miles

Blankets of colorful Common Joe-Pye, Jewelweed, Wild Columbine, Black-eyed Susan, Dame’s Rocket, Fall Phlox and dozens of other species welcome bikers and hikers throughout the spring and summer seasons.  Lavish colorful canopies of birch, sycamore, maple and Mountain Ash with differing varieties of oak, offer shady respite and colorful panoramas. 

Experienced bird watchers are discovering the Greenbrier River Trail is an impressive place for bird sightings.  Neo-tropical bird species return from South and Central America during May and June and the route along the Greenbrier River makes an excellent route to spy them. 

Bring your binoculars, bird field guide and bird identification sheets.  On any given summer or fall day you are apt to witness Canadian Geese, Green Heron, Yellow-throated Warblers, Northern Parula, Northern Flickers, White-eyed Vireo and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds - and that’s just a small sampling.


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