Geocache Nature’s Mountain Playground in 2014

Are you up for a family adventure combined with treasure hunting?  Geocaching is a great way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, explore historic sites & unique attractions and discover adventure in beautiful Pocahontas County, WV.

Are you ready for the 2014 Mad Gab Challenge ?  We are!

This challenge will consist of four caches located around beautiful Pocahontas County. For this challenge you will need to bring with you your GPS unit, a magnifying glass, and a pair of binoculars (any pair of bird watching binoculars will be suitable for this challenge). At each cache you will need to find and unscramble the 'Mad Gab' phrase; once you have completed the four phrases bring to our office to collect your coin. Here's a copy of the Geocache form.

Families, Boy Scouts and individuals completing the Challenge will receive a custom coin.  This year's coin was designed and produced by a team of scientist here at the  National Radio Astronomy Observatory.  The Challenge will be enhanced by a First Finder prize.  Click here to get started at then search Pocahontas County Mad Gab to find the Challenge caches. The Challenge begins May 1, 2014.

More details and information about other Geocaches in West Virginia by going to this link.

Geocache Challenge

The Appalachian Byway Geocache Challenge is a high-tech treasure hunt using GPS coordinates to locate hidden geocaches along Scenic Route 39. The challenge spans five counties and two states, beginning in Lexington, Virginia and ending in Summersville, West Virginia.

Scenic Route 39 is loaded with great attractions and shops that feature wares by local artisans along with antiques and unique finds. There are plenty of great places to eat along the way, and when the day is done, you can choose from a plethora of lodging options to suit your style.

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